SEO Trends to Drive Your Marketing Engine at a Competitive Pace

If you belong to the SEO industry, you would also agree to the statement that – 2015 was an exciting year for SEOs. Long- awaited Mobilegeddon update stroked the market, penalising the sites that were lacking in the arena of mobile compliance. There were many new offerings like the new local three-pack that resulted into […]

5 Effective SEO Strategies For 2015

Thanks to Google and its algorithms that were continuously updating in the year 2014 and leading to the panic among some research marketers you could have dread among many more.

Few Simple Tips to Get Ready For Local SEO In 2015

With the latest updates in Google’s algorithms the rules for basic SEO have changed. So here we are going to discuss how you can do well with local SEO in 2015.

4 Fruitful SEO Tips – Direct From Matt Cutts

Working with organic SEO always rewards you with search engine friendly websites and people. SEO is a continuous process that search engines keep on changing. When you want to frame your website on a very strong SEO foundation you need to include proven search strategies. Where Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team has shared […]

Discussion on SMO

The abbreviated form of Social Media Optimization is SMO and it is one more addition to the techniques that are used for increasing the rankings of your website. But mainly it focus on increasing the awareness of your products and services,

Marketing on Google

Receiving continuous traffic to your website is important for your business as it ensures that there are people who are continuously looking for your offers. If you want to improve your sales, you have to drive traffic to your website and there is no secret and no shortcut to it.

September 15, 2016


5 myths in SEO

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of improving the ranking of the website on search engine result pages. This is achieved by embracing search engine friendly elements into the website to generate traffic. A successful search engine optimization will have relevant keywords placed in such an order that it catches the attention of search engine algorithms.



September 1, 2016


5 Prominent Tools for content marketing you must use

Social media marketing is quite cool but there is a new player introduced in the game i.e. Content Marketing. [...]


July 4, 2016


Google AdWords Announced New Features for Mobile Ads

Addressing the specific needs of users shifting towards the mobile trend, Google came up with the new set of tools and advanced features for AdWords. [...]


June 3, 2016


Website’s Performance: Fusion of UX and SEO Payoffs Better Results

For the recent few years, there has been a continuous debate about the relationship between UX and SEO. Here’re some insights to prove that they have a perfect chemistry, which positively impacts the performance of the site. [...]


May 9, 2016


Is Your Website Business-Hurting or Business-Helping?

You might be remembering the excitement you felt on the launch day of your business website. Having a presence online makes it easier to reach your potential customers.

But is your website really serving its purpose? [...]