November 12, 2014


4 Fruitful SEO Tips – Direct From Matt Cutts

Working with organic SEO always rewards you with search engine friendly websites and people. SEO is a continuous process that search engines keep on changing. When you want to frame your website on a very strong SEO foundation you need to include proven search strategies. Where Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team has shared some of his important tips that will tell you how the most popular search engine indexes and websites are ranked.

In this post we are sharing four major useful tips that Matt Cutts has given and assured you that you do not have to be an SEO expert for performing organic SEO and to incorporate the SEO things.

1.   There Should Be A Relation Between A Header And The Body Content

When you write a post for your blog or for your page, you need to be very careful about what you are writing. First of all provide your users with a catchy headline. When you succeed with an attractive headline, fill in the body with the related content only. Make sure that you are writing relevant content to the headline you have provided.

2.       Use your words comfortably within the keyphrases

When you are writing your post, be confident of what you are writing. Make use of keywords genuinely and do not overstuff your post with your keywords. Try to incorporate your keywords with proper management. It means use every keyword after at least 100 words of your post. This will give a proper distribution to your keywords and will make your content look genuine.

3.       Always Use Images That Support Your Text

When you paste images into your text make sure that they are relevant. You cannot use an iron man when you are writing a fairy tale on your blog. So keep this thing in mind that when you are writing posts for people on the internet you are providing them with some information. It is your duty to provide them true and logical information along with the relevant graphics.

4.       404 Error: When to use and when not to?

When you have a small firm and a website, you do not need to show this 404 error. Instead of showing 404 errors, show the products you deal into. It is the best option for all the eCommerce stores that will include a hell lot of work for creating individual pages. For mid-sized e-trailers you will find hundreds of pages where Cutts says 404 error pages are shown only when there are no products left to show. But the best way is creating customized 404 pages that will contain links to the important pages like to the home page and the search bar.

So hopefully these points are going to help you a lot in becoming a successful organic SEO executive. All the best.



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