September 1, 2016


5 Prominent Tools for content marketing you must use

Social media marketing is quite cool but there is a new player introduced in the game i.e. Content Marketing.

So next time you think of driving maximum traffic on your website, you have to keep a strong hold of two key factors including ultimate content with multi-media additions and the social media channels that will help you circulate your content at a very high-speed.The better the quality of content; more will be its popularity and engagement on the social media network, and more will be the visibility of your brand. This is the healthiest way to create awareness about the brand thus inviting more queries, leads and conversions.


The simple fact is that content marketing is all about being omnipresent.

You might have heard and read hundreds and thousands of web pieces about content marketing before but what matters are the efforts you actually put in. Are you using every other method of spreading content that you should? Here’s list of 5 channels you must use to spread your content to a broader audience:

1)    Blogging

If you don’t have your own blog yet, you surely need to change your priorities. Through a blog, you won’t just boost the SEO, but will also add to brand authority, establish better relationships with the customers and grab more traffic for your website. Writing a blog alone won’t make any difference, you have to search for influential resources for which you can do guest blogging and get more eyeballs for your posts.

So, it’s just three step process here:

•    Identify the topic that has high resonance with your audience.

•    Develop an informative yet shareable content copy in regular intervals.

•    Do guest blogging on the most influential blogging resources.

2)    Infographics


Infographics are the creative representation of statistics and numbers. They are an ideal medium to convey your message instantly. If are well-designed, they make people follow you without making any much efforts. When it comes to structuring your infographic, you need to think of a compelling story. Make sure you have done an extensive of research to figure out the exact stats and the story that you want to narrate. A perfect tip that will work for you is to conduct a survey to gather the most recent facts and news possible. See some really good examples of infographics at

Three step process to follow here:

•    Narrate your story with the compelling statistics and design.

•    Carry out the surveys to collect the latest news and facts.

•    Share your infographic through social media channels, blogging sites and communities.

3)    Videos

Do you know that videos are often the most inviting way to resonate with your intended audience? In fact, the Forrester Research says that a 1-minute long video worth 1.8 billion words. The reason behind this is video can be easily digested and is much more memorable than text. To make a winning stroke, you should create an explainer video for your business and give it the animated flavour or you can go with the option of screen-recording. Creating a video is all about thinking about your customers including the problems they generally face and what could be the solution(s). If you will work hard on the base of the story, the result will be rewarding for sure.

Three step process to follow here:

•    Demonstrate the value your product will offer in the explainer video.

•    Research the problems that your customers face usually.

•    Detail them with the features that make your offerings serve as a solution to them.

4)    E-books

Don’t be scared, an e-book doesn’t mean that you have to write a lengthy novel. It’s just perfect way to offer your visitors the most relevant and interesting content to read. It works great for gathering more email contacts as you can use your e-book as a free gift or incentive just for signing up. Make sure each page delivers something relevant and take the help of a designer for ensuring that it is visually appealing. Use short sentences and bullet points for making it easy to access. Stats and renowned quotes are also a wonderful way to support your statements with the actual data.

Three step process to follow here:

•    Make sure it has great visual appeal.

•    Make use of numbers, statistics and quotes.

•    Offer it as an incentive or free gift upon signing up.

5)    Social Media

Show off your personality and content on the perfect platform so named social media. You have to be organised with your posts, arranging it up for different social media platforms. Discussions often serve as a fuel on social media to boost engagement and connect with your audience effectively. There are some channels like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook etc that allow you to join groups and communities that have relevance with your customers and spark up more discussions.

Three step process to follow here:

•    Spark up discussions by raising questions to your audience.

•    Show off your actual personality by being yourself.

•    Associate with the industry experts to start engaging chats online.

These are just to offer you a glance of resources that you can utilise for effective content marketing. Enjoy reading this post till we come up with another post mentioning some more resources in it.



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