Bing Ads


Will the search engine “Bing”prove itself as a tough competition to the Google?

Tomeasure the success of the search marketing on the search engines like Google or any other PPC marketing the quality score that is used in search advertising is determined. The quality score and the competition in the bid keywords determine the overall cost of the advertisements in the AdWords tool.

The search engine Bing is introduced to the online market by Microsoft and is celebrating the success of its “Bing it on” marketing strategy. The new name for the ad-center of Bing is “Bing Ads”. Previously it was known as Microsoft adCenter and the MSN adCenter. Like a very famous saying “Every coin has two faces” so is the case of using search engines. They have some positive points and some negative points.

Benefits that advertisers will enjoy if they select Bing as their marketing source:

1. It is an alternative of Google and provides good results

Advertisers feel really excited that Bing will work as an alternative to Google for them. Bing is not only another option but it is highly successful too. A recent research says that 34% of the US market in US uses Bing. No doubt Google still covers the majority but still Microsoft is on the rising platform with the internet marketing. May be advertisers just want to take a ride of the growing users on Bing.

2. Bing has a greater potential to target ads

One more advantage of taking Bing as the marketing platform is that it can target ads to certain demographics. Advertisers will get their ads working only in front of some specific online users who are more likely to make a purchase for their products and services. With this the advertisers can target their ads by locations. Companies can select their specific locations to market their ads to certain cities or to the entire country. The PPC marketing for Bing Ads are unique.

Bing is taking a move that can be very risky and if they succeed they are hoping that they would get a bigger chunk of the search engine pie. Presently Google controls more than 65% of all the search engine markets and they are going very smooth with it and will continue doing it. They have made them loveable by the audience by placing their mobile apps and so on.

What Bing is trying to do is to get past the standard search engine protocol and making it sure that people are getting what they actually want. With the use of new set of tools they are improving on their tool and to give the specific answers to the search they desire.

Is Google really worried with the improving success of Bing? People who are connected to this issue say that they do not have to fear. Bing is new and people like to try new things. They are working and making a lot of campaigns to attract the attention of the visitors but there are still many battles to be fought to become the winner.

Working with the new always involves risks for the parties that are involved. Advertisers may not wish to invest in the new search engine as there is always risk with the new thing but trying once won’t harm anyone. Bing is also trying hard and will give competition to the Google in the upcoming years.