January 4, 2014


Discussion on SMO

The abbreviated form of Social Media Optimization is SMO and it is one more addition to the techniques that are used for increasing the rankings of your website. But mainly it focus on increasing the awareness of your products and services, your brand by using different social media communities and outlets to generate publicity of your services.

Social media optimization involves the use of RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, social news along with the social media sites, videos and blogging sites. The major aim of both SMO and SEO is the same i.e. to drive traffic for your website.

It is good to know that there are huge numbers of ways by which you can optimize the content of your website and can control how people share and interact with the content of your website on Social Media. But while using such techniques you have to use a number of tags for optimizing your content for SMO.

Discussed below are the 5 major rules that help you in conducting SMO services for a client’s website:

1. Enhance the linkability of your website – increasing the linkability of your website means regularly updating your customers with your products and services by writing interactive content for the website. There are websites on the internet that are static and they do not update their websites and are present only for storefront. If you want to optimize the website for social media, it is important to increase the quantity of interactive content to your website. Adding a blog to your website is a good step. You can also add white papers or can simply aggregate the content into a useful format.

2. Try to make your tagging and bookmarking easy- Adding features like quick buttons is one way to make the process of tagging the pages easier. Make sure that all the pages in your website include a list of relevant tags, suggested notes for the links and do tag the pages first on popular bookmarking websites.

3. Rewarding the inbound links – Inbound links are paramount for your website in making your website rise in the search engine including the overall rankings. These are often used as a meter for measuring the success of the blog. To encourage more we have to make them easy and should provide clear rewards. With the help of this link building process your site will provide the reward of visibility for those are linked to you.

4. Make your content travel- SMO is not only introducing changes to your website. Writing content that you can transfer like PDFs, video files and audio files and transferring this content to the relevant sites will help your content to travel further and will drive back the links to your website.

5. Encourage the mashup – In the present scenario, it is beneficial to let others use your content. The idea of YouTube of providing a code for cutting and pasting so that you can embed videos from their website enhanced their growth. Organizing your content with the help of RSS makes it easy for others to design a mashup that can bring traffic to your website.



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