November 18, 2014


Few Simple Tips to Get Ready For Local SEO In 2015

With the latest updates in Google’s algorithms the rules for basic SEO have changed. So here we are going to discuss how you can do well with local SEO in 2015.

Well, 2014 is almost at its end and businessmen have started looking forward to 2015 now. They have started discussing their marketing strategies for targeting their potential audience in the upcoming year. According to a survey done by a local Search Engine Executive, it shows an exact drift towards more of the traditional web ranking factors. If we look at the Local Search Ranking Factors survey, then it had Google Places and Citations to be weighted very heavily but the study this year shows that all the onsite signals and links are taken as the most powerful factors.

This shift is very much consistent with the recent local ranking algorithm update from the Google called Pigeon. Many local SEOs have claimed they did not get hit by Pigeon but it is more like that they took their approach towards local SEO and their websites have simply more authority to begin with.

So by taking what could be figured out about the Pigeon update and then adding those results to the results of Local Search Rankings of 2014 survey, here are two simple tips that will help you in framing your stage to get sure shot success in 2015.

  • Become the best
  • Get awesome links

So, what all you can do to become the best in your industry?

When you have finally decided to become awesome, make sure that you avoid some of the common mistakes. These mistakes are very basic but still we get damn busy with so many websites that we forget about these small things.

Fill In Your Home Page

Your customers want to know about you, the real you. If your home page is just a few sentence long then should provide your home page with more content. Only a few sentences cannot explain about you and your services. So it is better to provide your readers with something more that will make them sure that yes you exist.

Do Not Perform Spamming

Spamming is using your keywords unnecessarily and filling up your page with your keywords in order to make Google to rank your webpage on the first rank. This would be short term success. Because once you are caught, you are out of the game. Google won’t even leave you in the search engine to compete again on the battleground.

No Awful Title Tags Please!

When you start thinking about the title tags, you get about 500 pixels of width for making a title tag. Anything when displayed in the search results will get truncated. The title tags that you make should be done in such a way that it should be capable of summarizing your page but it should not be like a huge chunk of keywords that you wish to rank for. Try to put your primary keywords in the beginning and end it with your business name.

Please Do Not Forget Your Local Search Optimization

With all the on-site signals that carry so much of weight, it is more important for you to get all your local optimization stars in a row. It won’t do any good to you when you bang out a ton of citations if your website is not including the local signals which the Google is expecting from it.

Again there are some old basics but we do not find any mistakes with the websites and fail to optimize them correctly.

Include State or City in your Title Tag:

Title tags are very important for optimizing your websites, so do not forget to add your city and your state’s name within your title tag which will frame an important relevancy with your local keywords.

Add Your City Or State In H1 Headings:

Always add the name of your city or state into the H1 heading. It does not have to be inside the entire heading in and of itself. What is important here is including your city and state in the heading of the page will make a local relevancy.

Also Add City Or State In Your Content:

Adding the name of your city and state could be beneficial if you add them in the body of the page. There are a number of websites that forget to add their cities and states information inside the content of the webpage. Optimizing everything for the local search won’t work unless you are talking about your local areas in your content.

Include State Or City In Your Alt Text On Images:

It is surprising that how some websites do not include alt text to the images on their website. See Google cannot see what your image is all about. You have to tell Google about it by giving it an alt tag i.e. by providing it with a text body. This will help you in boosting up your local relevancy.

Add City Or State In Your URL:

If you can edit the urns of your website then nothing could go best than editing your urns and adding your city or state into it. Again this will help you in a long way to get a high number of local visitors. If you cannot edit your urns then you can do one simple thing. Add 301 redirects so that your old address could get pointed towards the new one.

So these are some amazing tactics that will help you in achieving your main goal and will help you in targeting your local audience. Make your website look good and effective with all the points mentioned above. These are some best effective measures that you could take in order to grab maximum profits in the year 2015. That’s how you will get your site rank higher in the search engines and will help you in converting more visitors.



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