December 4, 2013


Foreign language SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving process that is helping a lot of websites to become visible in the search engines. Just as we all do not speak the same language we do not search in the same language. International SEO is not easy. With the growth in the internet usage among Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese users, and the relative lack of content means that there is a huge untapped market that is waiting to be tapped.

So, if you are planning to move out of the English world you have to consider the SEO suggestions that come along with taking your connections into foreign language. The most important decision that you have to take is whether to alter your SEO around a single country or by a single language.

What you have to do if you approach your audience with specific languages?

The first thing you can do is approach your audience by performing SEO by language. As we know that there are countries that share a common language. For e.g. countries like Aruba, Suriname, Netherlands they share Dutch language in common. If you have decided for targeting the customers in all of these countries, having a single website in Dutch language would be enough. This would save your valuable resources, management and your precious time. This will save a lot of money and simultaneously will allow you to connect with the Dutch speaking users from different countries all over the world.

This approach might be a little problematic for you specifically keyword problem. All this is because the language is different in different countries. All your keywords would be taken as the wrong keywords if you use wrong keywords for the wrong country.

What if you approach them by country?

The second thing you can do is you can approach your targeted audience around a specific country. For example if you want to target the audience of Portuguese, you would create a localized Portugal website and research the relevant keywords for that particular country. Again, simple translation of the words that are equivalent to English would not be sufficient for a successful International SEO campaign. Now for an example, Google translates ‘juice’ as ‘suco’ in Portuguese, this is fine with the people living in Brazil but people in Portugal call ‘juice’ as ‘sumo’ and would search their relevant term by typing this particular keyword in the search tool bar. You can only avoid this by making proper research for the keywords related to that particular country you are targeting rather than paying attention to the language only.

When Search engine algorithms rank a particular website they take algorithms into consideration. A general foreign language website cannot take the benefits of a high-level domain of a particular country. But by targeting a particular country you can use the top level domain.

Being an ever evolving process, you can say SEO is a constant struggle for reaching the top position and maintaining that position for long regardless to the language. Like the regular SEO procedures, International SEO also will take some time to show the results. But making efforts for this would be worth taking only if there is an increased usage on internet in the particular country that you are targeting your website for.



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