December 3, 2013


Future Of The Local Searches When Google is Leading the Way

Local search can enhance the local business tremendously. If you want your business to get enlisted in a local search it is important that the website of your company should give clearer and the accurate information about the location. The website should include right keywords that are related to the products and services on their site so that the search engine spiders could easily find your website and index your website.

Do not forget to add the street address, the zip code and the telephone number of your exact location to your website. This will help your website to get enlisted in the local search engines. This will help your business in building a strong local presence on the search engines. Also it will help you in improving the overall online marketing strategy to make your business well known in your own locality as well as making it accessible to the people around the world.

Almost 98% of the total population in the world uses mobile devices to access the Internet. 90-95% users regularly use the search engine Google for searching their local products and services. Out of these two third of the users will call the business providers or visit the place or will make a purchase as a result of their local research activity. These figures are very confusing from the perspective of a local business owner that mobile Internet user will give an unexpected opportunity to get a new business that is walking right through your door.

Google has also noticed this unexpected growth in the trend of mobile search. There was an increase of 500% in the mobile searches during the last two years as reported by Google. This trend is accelerating day by day. Google is leading the world of local searches with the new mobile based additions to its functionalities. By introducing Google Places Listings into the search results this feature has expanded and is rapidly increasing the mobile search system.

People using smart phones must have realized that when a user opens Google from their smart device, they are presented with a number of local search options that are specifically designed for searching some most common things in their locality.  Google search for mobile puts a greater emphasis on the results of the user’s surrounding area because this is what the smart phone users mainly look for.

It is important for your business to gain popularity in your local niche. Having a marked presence all over the world is good but it is essential that you should be known within your local public. Google is the only search engine that every business is targeting for and Google also is leading as a search engine for all types of searches. Smart phones have over shined the use of the traditional phones. People make their local searches on their smart phones itself. With this mobile search, mobile phones have become the single most important tool for all the local businesses that are looking for fresh customers online.



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