September 30, 2016


Google’s Penguin Update Released – Know How It can Prove Useful for Business

Google introduced the first of its Penguin version in 2012 to obstruct blackballed sites that were buying links or obtaining them through link networks to boost Google rankings.
With the release of Penguin’s updated versions, the sites started rectifying their lousy practices by removing bad links to remove spam and regain rankings.
Yet even if some sites were found following objectionable practices, they were put at disadvantage even on improving and changing until the next time filter ran, which took few months.


The last update Penguin 3.0 emanated on October 17, 2014.Those sites that were hit waited nearly two years to let go things. And now approximately after two years, Google’s updated Penguin algorithm is finally out labeled as Penguin 4.0.

Let’s get a better insight of Penguin 4.0 new features:

Penguin goes real-time

Penguin 4.0 has now converted into real-time. This connotes that when Google will recrawl or reindex pages, (which is done constantly), the pages will be scrutinized by Penguin filter. Penguin will either penalize or free pages as a segment of this regular procedure.

Google mentioned in its post that, “Penguin’s data will be refreshed in real-time. Therefore, changes taking place would be visible much faster, precisely implemented with the double-speed after we recrawl and reindex a page”.

Penguin becomes more page-specific

Google proclaimed that the updated Penguin algorithm deflates spam feature by modifying ranking criteria in respect to spam signals. It now marks pages as spam rather than affecting the ranking of the whole site.

In other words, it infers that Penguin might influence specific pages on a site, or may be a section of the site; while other pages will remain fine.

Google will no longer roll out Penguin update

Google also confirmed that it would be the last release of this type. As it’s apparent that it is a constant process, so, from now onwards, Penguin will work as a real-time signal processed within its core search algorithm.

Is Penguin fully out?

The Penguin update is presumably not entirely out yet. It is being rolled out, as Google reported. Additionally, Google did not remark on the time period it will take to roll out, but surely, it is going to take a couple of weeks.

However, if you tend to see changes quickly, then it’s undoubtedly Google regularly revisiting your pages. On the other hand, if Google visits your site more infrequently, it might take longer.

Summing up, start evaluating your site and links as well to prevent it from getting it marked as spam and rather try to secure top rank in the search results.  Good Luck!



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