How to : Link Building


How to Make Your Link Building Campaign Successful?

Running a linking campaign could be a tough job. There is so much given on the internet and it is difficult to figure it out what is right and what is wrong. Make your campaign big. Write guest posts, write blogs, comment on the blogs, make friends online, post forums, promote your content, etc. the list is long but all this can be beneficial for a healthy Link Building campaign.

However it is important to know how you structure your Link building campaign and what you would do first. All this in systematic way will lead to a tremendous ROI and you would need less effort for making your campaign a success.

Earlier SEO executives used to submit a large number of directories for starting the campaign with adding some more techniques to it. Now it is a bit different and difficult too. You have to impress your audience for making your campaign successful. Writing Press releases and promoting them online would do a great job. PR also plays a larger bid to develop a great authority and a good reputation of your website.

So here are some important tips on how to manage a Link building campaign without sacrificing the quality and value of your business.

1. Quality content

The content on the website acts as the king on your website. So you have to be very specific, interactive with your content in order to make the content interesting and readable for your visitors. When your content speaks, people in social media share your content, comment on your posts; they follow you on twitter and re-tweet for your write ups. All this is important from the SEO perspective and will give you visible improvements in your search engine rankings in a short period of time.

2. Be a guest sometimes:

Guest blogging means visiting other quality websites and commenting on their posts. This also contributes a lot in grabbing some useful inbound links.

Write and edit according to the guidelines given by the publisher and also try to write in the style of your audience on the website. Don’t change your own style but if you write a post or an article according to the visitor you will certainly win over your audience or the site owner resulting in a back link for your website.

When you are looking for the back links for your websites do not lose the opportunity to simply create the back links. Make sure that your write up is relevant for the reader. It should not be a useless posting.

3. Do participate and share the information you have

You must talk to the people and must share your content online. It is not like that you have to share your own ideas with others, it means that share your content on the online platforms where people discuss things, talk and share their ideas. This will also help you in gaining inbound links. There are certain forums like RichDad community that allows you to share your expert thoughts and ideas and also gives you the opportunity to frame yourself as an authority.

4. Distribute some gifts

Distributing gifts does not mean that you are bribing someone for liking your post but it means that you are attracting them for the various offers. Your gifts can be free downloads of certain books, free badges, free tutorials for those who participated. Adding to it you can also give them the opportunity to write guest posts without asking anything in return.

Be creative with your own ideas and be interactive. You need to be social if you want to grab as many link bounds for the benefit of your website. All the above points are important for a successful Link building campaign.