December 29, 2015


Role of Paid Search in Business Growth

It won’t be sensible enough to ignore the significance of online marketing strategy especially the inbound one as the customers are getting smart and know exactly what they want. It’s just not limited to just seeing something and purchase it at the same time. It is more about thorough research these days as they (customers) look at reviews and feedbacks on different social media channels. Customers are aware of various media methods for inbound exploration. Hence, it has become much more significant to be connected with customers through the media they prefer.


The buying process has completely changed over past few years with the very idea of inbound marketing that nourishes the customer during their journey of making a purchase. And, paid search is something prudent in this journey.

Are you using PPC as a part of your inbound marketing strategy?


You might not be able to attain your business targets.

Let’s understand the concept of paid search first. In paid search, you need to bid for the placement of your ad in the sponsored links of a search engine for the business-specific keywords. And, you pay nominal charges to search engine every time you click on that ad.

Mere imagination of amount you will be paying for the click might frighten you, but if you will be having a well-designed campaign, you will tend to enjoy a completely opposite scenario. As the potential customers will get to see your ads whenever they will make a specific research for the products and services you offer. They are more likely to click on the ads to reach the point of purchase without wasting any much time. So, you can actually end up earning far more from your ads than what you pay for their placement. The only requirement here is appropriate research and itsy-bitsy tinkering.

Paid search marketing is often referred with different names including cost-per-click (CPC), search engine advertising, cost-per-impression (CPM), sponsored listings, pay-per-click (PPC), paid for placement, search engine optimisation (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), and all of these appear on the top of the services that are offered by the search engines themselves.

Now when you know what paid search is. You might be thinking about its usefulness for your online business.

Don’t be bothered! This article comprises five significant reasons for why you should include paid search campaigns in your SEO strategy:

1)    It Appears with Every Search: Every time your potential customers make a search for any particular thing, the first thing that appears on the page is the ads relevant to their search. So, having a PPC ad in place ensures that you are reaching them effectively.

2)    It Complements Your SEO Methodologies: If your SEO results are not exactly as you expected, PPC can work there as you will be displayed on the top through a variety of factors like Ad Rank, CPC, Score of Quality and Budget. And, having results in organic as well as paid listings implies that you are quite relevant.

3)    Allows Real-Time Message Alterations: The best thing about paid search is the ability to create target messaging with the call to actions and changing it easily and quickly. If you own a business where you provide thousand of products, the products and prices can be changed on the daily basis. Ad customizer is the tool that has automated the process even more. Using links of the site can enhance your ads providing customers with additional links and information.

4)    Help Making Targeted Reach: If your objective is reaching a broad audience, use of PPC will be advantageous. You can also target a geo-specific area through PPC. This tactic best suits to those who have a limited budget for paid searches or for the ones who want to display their ads in the specific geographic area.

5)    Lifts Up Other Strategies of Marketing: A customer is likely to visit the vendor site multiple times before finally making any purchase. When they will visit you through ads, they will search about you on other mediums be it paper media or other online media. This way, other marketing strategies will get boosted up.

Therefore, PPC is a prominent part of the inbound marketing program and ensures that you are capturing the targeted customers within specific time period.



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