January 18, 2016


SEO Trends to Drive Your Marketing Engine at a Competitive Pace

If you belong to the SEO industry, you would also agree to the statement that – 2015 was an exciting year for SEOs. Long- awaited Mobilegeddon update stroked the market, penalising the sites that were lacking in the arena of mobile compliance. There were many new offerings like the new local three-pack that resulted into a sizeable overhaul for local ranking, content evaluation through the new quality algorithm and much more. In addition to all the mentioned updates, digital assistant technologies and advanced mobile devices have been recognised for shaping the future of the search adhering to the user behaviour.


This has fuelled the excitement in SEO enthusiasts for having a close watch on the year 2016 to see newer landmark shifts in the search criteria. If you are an SEO professional too, keeping the following trends in consideration will truly be a worth.

1)    Social Content Will Be Significant of All: In the approaching time, content from the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be prominent on the SERPs. A recent research says that approx. 76% of the marketers are making use of social media for supporting and boosting their SEO strategy.

Imagine how amazing it would be. Your social media content will be indexed on the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will fade the lines separating web content from social content in terms of SEO strategies. So, proceed with complete preparations to identify, gather and use the most valuable social media content to optimise your page for enhanced visibility. For brand names, social media profiles gain top ranks in the search listings – if you will search any brand on Google, its Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter profile will be reflected among top listings.

2)    Videos Won’t Lose their Control: It is an agreeable fact that videos are of great help to keep your target audience entertained and engaged. A very fewer people know that using videos can actually help in improving your page rank on the SERPs. In fact, a survey of Marketing Land has shown that videos contribute for 62% of all Google searches on a whole. Above this, Google now gives attention to the blended searches. So, why are you waiting to grab this opportunity of appearing on the top of search results by merely including an interesting video with your content? Even the stats of Quicksprout.com prove the statement’s credibility. It says that you can attain 50 times better organic page ranks with videos rather than plain text or statistics results. Even, video searches have 41% higher clicks than that of something plain and static.

Many marketers have already chosen video SEO as a fuel to drive their advanced marketing engine. It is estimated that there will be an increase in a number of marketers and businesses who will embrace video trend in the time to come.

Adopt video SEO as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose your position in the top search engine pages. So, make sure Google can easily find your video content, index it and showcase the same every time a research is made for the specific keywords you have targeted in your copy.

3)    Mobile Optimisation Will Be More Prominent: For surviving in the modern-day competitive era, it is quite important to consider – whether your website is mobile friendly? You can’t expect all your audience in once place anymore. People have a variety of options like smartphones, tablets, wearable techs etc for browsing the web. This is the reason; many brands became mobile friendly in 2015. And it is predicted that more brands will pace up with this trend in the coming year. In fact, mobile optimisation will not be an exception anymore, it has become a norm. So, it’s the best time that you change the way you used to conceptualise and create the SEO strategies, keeping mobile searches in mind.

The list doesn’t end here techno freaks, there are some more trends that can help you make maximum from your SEO strategies in an efficacious and productive manner. Make sure you have given these trends a prominent place in your SEO strategies so to maintain a competitive edge over others in the market.



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