June 3, 2016


Website’s Performance: Fusion of UX and SEO Payoffs Better Results

For the recent few years, there has been a continuous debate about the relationship between UX and SEO. Here’re some insights to prove that they have a perfect chemistry, which positively impacts the performance of the site.

It won’t be sensible to question the combined role of UX and SEO for a website’s performance these days as both of them are interdependent and can’t stand firmly alone.

User Experience is all about the design preferences of the intended audience complying with the industry standards, while SEO is the entire existing site and its relevant data so to increase the visibility of its content on search engines.


Google has given clear indications in the Webmaster Guidelines that even SEO optimization should be carried keeping users as the focus.

Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.

And this is just a gentle reminder on why SEO cannot be considered apart from the factors that may influence the performance of a site, especially when the days to focus on keyword-stuffed topics no longer exists.

Here’re the five factors that showcase us the wonders that combination of UX and SEO can do with the site’s performance:

1. Developing User-Oriented Content

Gone are the days to develop content keeping SEO effectiveness in mind, it’s the time to focus on users and their preferences. Google has reminded every SEO personnel about the importance of user-oriented content through webmaster guidelines.

Whether it’s about designing or optimisation, the increased focus on user’s need helps improving overall page’s performance and the reward from the audience will automatically get reflected through the increased time they will spend on your site.

2. Readability

The focus should be on quality, relevance and engagement while creating content so to make it appealing and compelling enough that customers spend maximum time on your site.

UX helps to make page readable and appealing, which in turn boosts SEO as the content quality will be favoured by crawlability of the site through search engines.

Readability in terms of UX is all about giving users a pleasant experience, creating a positive impression, while in terms of SEO; readability is all about the clear, concise and informative copy of content so to increase the page authority.

Therefore, combining the both in a well-formatted copy of content will keep the users happy.

3. Visual Engagement

In terms of UX, including visual content on a page increases its effectiveness if offered in a proper balance with the actual message. On the other hand, SEO uses visual content for attracting more traffic as there has been a significant rise of visual search engines.

In fact, both UX and SEO agree that visual content can impact the browsing experience, disrupting the page layout and loading time. Thus, the visual content should be optimised considering the different type of devices so to favour desktop as well as mobile experience.

4. Usability

Just not the design, it is the functionality also that affects the user experience. And both SEO and UX advocates for the importance of right page speed and defining sitemaps so to focus in the right direction.

Furthermore, accessibility is also prominent so to make sure that users are getting what they want. A well designed and optimised page gets easily accessible without any much hassle in loading. So prior moving forward, ask yourself few questions like – the content you’re using is descriptive? Is the site properly indexed? Is the navigation smooth? And whether the images are properly captioned?

5. User Retention

Both SEO and UX works with the idea of conversion in mind, either by making visitors the loyal customers or by encouraging visitors towards subscriptions, newsletter or any relevant media.

Don’t feel afraid of deploying calls to action so to inform users what you expect in return. After all, users like the idea of clear guidance, rather than perplexing options that make them feel stuck.

Now that you know the blend of SEO and UX works great for the improvement of your site’s performance, make sure you make maximum out of it.



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