What is SEM?


A quick discussion about SEM

The two main aspects of the current internet marketing industry are Search Engine Optimization (SEO)and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). People who are not very much into SEO and SEM often wonder if these two terms are similar.

If we talk about SEO, it mainly has two components and that are On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Both are used for increasing the Search engine rankings of your website. SEO mainly work through the organic means with the search engines and is considered as one of the powerful tools for promoting a website.

Now discussing SEM, it is an all-inclusive approach for increasing the marketing strategies of the company that includes the traffic of the website, its visibility through different activities including SEO. Sometimes it also includes some paid search activities like Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising which is another method to reach the high rankings in the search engines.

Defining SEM

SEM is defined as one of the most useful techniques for advertising your products in search engines. It mainly describes the sales efforts through internet. SEO asks for long-term commitment by employing organic and natural methods for increasing the search engine results. Paid advertising is what its name implies i.e. paying some good amount for having the presence on search engines.Commonly used strategies for performing SEM

While working with these parameters, one must be aware of the thing that SEM is a wider opportunity through which you can take out various other tactics. Below are some of the possible strategies that are to be used:

Pay Per Click - This is known as the finest way for making an online purchase. In this method no cost is incurred for the advertiser unless until someone clicks on the link. It helps you to control the total expenditure on advertisements and also provides you the opportunity to control your Return on Investment and also increases the number of conversions.

Paid Inclusion - This is also a kind of an online advertising tool that is utilized by various search engines. It provides you the opportunities to be at the forefront of the search engines, usually defined as a paid advertisement. It assures the placement of the company and the product on the first page of the result pages.

Pay Per Play - PPP is a modern and a growing form of advertising. This is a latest step in the world of internet advertising. Only this division of SEM allows you to multiply your earnings from searchers of the webpage that offers 100% conversion rate.

Always remember SEM is a platform through which the organic SEO and paid advertising searches pass on to the high search engine rankings. Whatever the type of the marketing strategy you choose, the main aim is to use the techniques that increase the amount of qualified traffic to the website at reasonable rates.