What is SMM?


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is basically an indirect marketing of your business. It uses the traditional marketing for promoting your business through social media channels and is considered as a powerful process for marketing your business. SMM is a new trend in the world of online marketing and is known as the indirect method of marketing. This method of marketing focuses on immediate sales and reaches the point where it wants to.

Social media marketing works to achieve the same goal as that of SEO but their means to the need is very different. The major role of SMM is trying to do sell the products and services on your industry forum sites. Those forums are mainly present in place for the exchange of knowledge, networking and the ideas. Most of the forums include a separate advertising section where businesses have to pay for advertisements. The basic idea behind participating in forums is to make your organization as one of the best. Sharing the information and learning from those in the same industry results in the exposure of your business as well as it will help you to grow.

If you are providing informative data, making useful comments and ask appropriate questions you are giving value to your targeted customer and surely they will come to look for more in result increasing the traffic to your website. It is obvious that your final value is in the product and the services you are trying to sell. The general problem with SMM is that it takes a lot of time and efforts to achieve the desired results. Mostly business owners do not have enough time to wait for something that does not provide immediate results or they do not know how to use these SMM techniques because they follow the indirect approach to sales and the time that it takes to see the results.

The benefits that falls under the social media websites vary but one of the sure shot methods is creating viral content and then promoting the content through social media channels. Link Baits which is also known as creating content for the purpose of linking the websites to it is a great start. It is not difficult to accomplish successful link baits. All you need to do is just know how to do it. Creating good and high quality content and then getting enrolled on the social media websites like StumbleUpon etc gives a lot of benefits to any business.

There are two methods for this:

Primary and Secondary Traffic: The visitors that reach your website directly are counted as your primary traffic and those who reach indirectly through some social media websites are your secondary traffic. Both direct and indirect traffic to your website results in increased search engine rankings of your website.

High Quality Links: Building high quality links to the social media websites like Digg, facebook etc. will get you a large number of links that have the possibility to bring traffic to your websites ultimately improving the rankings in the search engines.

There is no such difference in Social Marketing Media and SEO. When you attend any company event or any trade show you are networking to with the results that you were craving for i.e. the increase in the number of your customer base.